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Cummins Pools LLC

You dream it, we build it.

Our family has been working in and around the Ozarks for many years in the in-ground swimming pool industry. We design, install, service, winterize, and open swimming pools.


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announcement. ----->

Update to our current, and future customers. 

We have some exciting news to announce! The owners of Cummins Pools LLC will be partnering with a new company named "Brothers Pool Company" in an effort to create the premier swimming pool construction and service option in our area. We will be partnering with knowledgeable and professional business operators to create the best and most efficient experience for you, our customers.

After thoughtful and careful planning, we have decided that to better serve our customers we needed to make a progressive upgrade to our business as a whole. This new name will not change our commitment to our customers, in fact this change is intended to strengthen our abilities to better serve you.

Daniel Cummins and all of his 30+ years of experience will be the main component to this partnership. He will continue to be available to our long time customers and new customers, as he has always been. Daniel will continue to be the main Construction Manager on all of our projects.

We appreciate your support and understanding during this adjustment phase. We want to assure all of our customers (past, present, and future) that we are making this move to continue to make your experiences with us pleasant and efficient. We have always been a family owned and operated business, and we intend to honor our family in this partnership as we have since Ronnie Cummins founded our company.

Contact information will gradually become available online as we make the move. All customers can continue to visit our website and Facebook site as needed. Our office phone number will be updated soon as well.

We will make the best efforts to contact all of our customers as quickly as possible, but please understand that we will be training new staff and your patience is greatly appreciated

Booking Information

We are approaching the "Closing Season" for swimming pools. The weather is cooling down and leaves are starting to fall- which means that everyone will be ready for their pool to get closed down! We are collecting bookings right now and we will continue for the next 4-6 weeks.

Please review the information below before submitting a booking:

1.PLEASE DO NOT REACH OUT TO OUR PERSONAL LINES TO BOOK A SERVICE CALL OR CLOSING. In an effort to better organize and streamline the process we are asking that everyone use our online system to book their closing. This can be found on our website, as well as our Facebook page.

2. If you need to speak to someone with concerns or questions, please call 4173806189. Messages and calls will be dispatched to the appropriate employee.

3. We will blow out the plumbing lines, plug all lines, remove ladders and diving boards, install the winter cover and properly shut down your pump & salt cell or chlorinator. We do not offer extra cleaning, brushing, or additional pressure washing as part of our closing costs. If you would like any additional chemicals added before closing, please have them accessible to our employees and specify your requirements on the online form.

4. Our closings are generally done during regular business hours. You are not required to be on site for the closing process, however if there is a gate code or special instructions please include those on the online scheduling form.

5. All invoices will be sent out via an online payment platform from PayPal. You will be able to see and review your invoice as soon as it is processed. All payments are due within 30 days of receiving the invoice.

6. You will be contacted before your closing to verify that you are prepared before our arrival.

7. Service calls will not be answered before 8am or after 6pm. We will rely on bookings from our online system to be available to you 24/7.

Please click the following link to book your service call or closing request:

We would like to thank you for your support and referrals. We appreciate you

*Update for the 2023 Season*

To all of our current and future customers: We will not be making callbacks to schedule new site visits for the 2023 season until at least September of this year.

Our online request system will be accessible for the entirety of the year, but we will not booking those visits until September.

We will be limiting the number of jobs that we take for next summer in consideration of constant price increases, fuel costs, and supply issues. We have spoken with some other local pool builders that are willingly accepting contracts for 2-3 years out. We could do this as well, but we have found it better to keep our sales and jobs within a 1 year timeframe to better suit our customers and ourselves. A lot can happen in a year, right?

The ever-changing economic concerns have a lot of us wondering how things will be in the coming years. We, as well as many other companies, are here to work hard and plan accordingly for all of the possible outcomes that lie ahead.

Again, if you have submitted a quote request with our online system- we will contact you by September to begin the planning process for your project.

We thank you for your patience and understanding. We are truly blessed to be so busy!

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